On the one hand, a divorce can have no disagreements. This is where the couple sits down and comes up with a consensus about every detail including the sharing of debts and assets, timesharing, alimony, etc. In this case, a seasoned and diligent attorney from Florida will charge a fixed legal fee. This fee will cover the cost of filing for the divorce and representation. The process will be quite fast and the couple will not have to appear before a judge. In summary, where the couple agrees concerning all details then the cost of divorce in Florida becomes affordable and the duration of going through the divorce is shortened. This said though, there are many instances where consensus is not possible.

For some, the divorce process is an emotional affair charged with anger, remorse, vengeance, and desperation. When emotions are allowed to take over couples will make irrational decisions that will plunge the process into chaos and endless fights. If the couple cannot agree concerning timesharing, debt and property sharing, division of their assets, alimony, etc. Then they will have to spend much of their time and resources in courts and paying representation fees. A contested divorce is very tricky for the entire family. If the couple has children they risk having a difficult childhood with absent parents. As a consequence, the children may perform poorly in school and in their social life.

In order to rescue the couple from a difficult divorce process a seasoned, diligent, honest, and family oriented Florida divorce attorney is necessary. The divorce attorney will make sure that the couple understands their options. Furthermore, the attorney will protect the assets and savings of the family from misuse. Families that go through difficult divorce processes have minimal chances of relating well after the divorce to the detriment of the children. For those who agree to take the approach of unanimity the relationship after the divorce is a lot better.

In order to accurately predict the cost of the divorce two things are required. One, pursue the route of consensus on every issue and get the fixed cost. The second option is the option of going for a seasoned attorney who understands the dynamics of contested divorces and they might be able to make a fair prediction. The only sure way is the route of consensus though.

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