There are many contentious issues in the divorce process. Couples will fight over who should keep the matrimonial home. They will also fight over who should keep which assets. In many cases, spouses will try to avoid the responsibility of shouldering the debt burden. More often than not timesharing for the children is one of the most contentious issues in many divorce processes. Couples will want to retain family cars, savings, insurance money, etc. It is hard to imagine the length of time a court would take to resolve each of these issues.

It is important to understand that divorce should only be a last resort. Couples should be willing to exploit every possibility that can help mend their union and keep them together. This is essentially what the marriage vows are for. Hard times will show up at some point in the marriage. However, if the couple decides to go for a divorce, the last things they want to deal with are perpetual legal battles that consume their hard-earned income and savings.

It is the responsibility of the couple to sit down and come up with an amicable path that resolves all their differences. Any family-oriented, honest and diligent Florida divorce attorney should be able to outline the benefits of going for the uncontested divorce. Couples who settle their divorce amicably are indeed most likely to keep a healthy relationship after marriage for the benefit of their children. On the contrary, couples who fight it out in the courts will end up projecting their legal battles to their children. The consequence is that the children will have a disturbed social, academic, and intellectual growth. This is why couples must do everything in their power to exploits the prospect of having a cheap uncontested divorce in Florida for the sake of their wellbeing after the divorce.

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