There are many contentious issues in any divorce process. If the marriage was characterized by fights and arguments it is most likely that the same will continue through the divorce. In such instances, the couple will find it difficult to settle their divorce. Moreover, the divorce will end up costing them more resources and time. If there are many arguments in a divorce process your divorce attorney will charge an hourly representation fee due to the uncertainty surrounding the divorce process. In many instances, the bone of contention in a divorce process entails alimony, timesharing, assets and debt sharing, spousal insurance, etc. Everyone wants to keep the matrimonial home, the family car, the business enterprise, custody of the children, etc. If the couple is unwilling to make any compromises then there will be a lengthy duel in the court.

If a couple finds a good lawyer who can demystify the Florida divorce laws it is likely for the couple to see sense and embark on a process of solving their issues privately. For an uncontested divorce to be possible the couple must be willing to amicably come to a consensus concerning all the issues. If this happens they may not even need to show up in court. In this case, their divorce will be finalized quickly. The attorney representing the couple in an uncontested divorce will charge a fixed flat fee that will go into representation and filing of court documents. Although it is difficult to part ways and simultaneously come to a consensus on weighty family issues the benefits of doing so are evident.

Couples who choose consensus over fighting have a better chance of sustaining a cordial relationship after the divorce is finalized. If the couple had children and dependents they are unlikely to suffer the consequences that characterized a messy divorce. Children will continue with their education and have a chance to be raised by both their parents. There will be little to no trauma for the children as well. More on uncontested divorce laws is available here

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